Turquoise: Ancient Heritage and Unique Style

Victorian turquoise pearl pendant

A favourite gemstone at Lucy Bedeman, turquoise is famed for its winning combination of fascinating ancient heritage and unique eye-catching colour. Currently a huge trend in jewellery design, turquoise is the summer gemstone of choice, its intense colour reminding us of tropical holidays and blue sky. Prized for thousands of years, first adorning Egyptian pharaohs and Aztec kings, turquoise is one of the world’s most ancient gems.

Antique turquoise and diamond ring

A beautiful accompaniment to diamonds and pearls, turquoise is generally fashioned as a cabochon, the domed shape setting off the vivid colour and smooth texture. The most prized turquoise is an even intense medium blue hue.

Antique turquoise ring

Particularly fashionable in the 1840s adorning matching sets of jewellery and embellishing snake necklaces and bracelets, turquoise jewellery remained popular throughout the Victorian period. An exotic gemstone mined in Persia, turquoise was symbolic of true love, chosen for engagement rings and romantic keepsakes such as lockets and brooches.